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Search keyword for factories in China
Search keyword for factories in China
04 September 2020
Using Keyword Search when Sourcing Factories in China
by Yariv

As mentioned in previous post on Ways to Find Suppliers when Sourcing Factories in China, one of the good way to find suppliers is through sourcing websites such as Alibaba, Made-in-china, and Global Sources.

However, the internet world is so much bigger than China.

It is okay, the solution is right on your fingertips. Just key in the right keyword to search for your target suppliers.

Alibaba search

But you may ask, how do we make the right keyword?

As we learned in the previous post on Making a Clear Target when Sourcing Factories in China, it is important to identify the correct product name.

You can also add shape, color or other unique specification to describe your product.

But most importantly, make your keyword short.

Here are few examples of making a good keyword:

Disney compact mirror

  • Product Name: Compact Mirror
  • Specification: With Disney design
  • Keyword: Disney Compact Mirror

PU leather wallet

  • Product Name: Wallet
  • Specification: Made in PU Leather
  • Keyword: PU Leather Wallet

Reusable lunch bag

  • Product Name: Lunch Bag
  • Specification: Reusable
  • Keyword: Reusable Lunch Bag