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Product Development
Do you have ideas for products and want to see them finished in time and in quality?
What seems to be the problem?
When you go into product development, in the early or advanced stages, a lot can happen – from being unhappy with the design, to not finding the right suppliers and manufacturers. Whatever you are struggling with, our team is ready to help you through the process.
How do we do it?
Every project starts with an idea. When you send your concept, 1000 Miles assigns you a Project Manager, who receives it and assists you by consulting with you about the production techniques that best fit your product. These techniques include materials that can be used, prices depending on materials, and the Minimum Order Quantity that makes production possible. Once all these points are clarified, our team creates the design of your product, and a sample based on the design. The finished sample gets sent your way for approval.
The Perfect Solution
Once the sample is approved, the entire collection goes into production. As production begins, a step-by-step quality control process takes place, where all materials pass first through an initial check as they reach our warehouse to make sure everything we ordered was sent. Later on, the items go to our Quality Control Team, where they conduct a second check to assure there are no flawed items. As a last precaution, our Assembly Team places all finished products in inner and master carton packing. All orders are then placed by client in our warehouse – ready for shipping.

Product Development is the perfect solution if you want to see your ideas finished in a short time, in quality, and entirely in your own terms.
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Do you need great products you can customize for your business?
What seems to be the problem?
If you are business owner, you need new items and collections in your shop all the time. But creating new products takes too many resources and costs. You have to first make a design that you are happy with, and then go ahead with the development, which can take a lot of time. So, we are here to make things easier for you.
How do we do it?
1000 Miles offers an array of 8000 products in countless categories, such as travel accessories, home supplies, games, recycled material articles, jewelry, coloring books and coloring items, as well as a lot more – which you can customize with your personal design. If you prefer, you can also ask our in-house design team to customize it for you, in your own terms to fit your brand’s needs.
The Perfect Solution
This approach is perfect for you to introduce products to your customers continuously and without the headaches. The products are ready fast and they are also in constant development.

Inside our factory, we research market trends, design products following them, and launch new, stylish products up to twice a month.

Our entire process is not based on offering you a solution once. It is built to offer you solutions every day, at all times.
Impulse Products
Do you want products to help you maximize your space and increase your sales?
What seems to be the problem?
Let’s say you are the owner of a chain store. And you have lots of different items all over your store, but you still would like to add items that can fit the remaining spaces. Why? Because by placing more products, you will be increasing your sales. The problem is that you aren’t sure where to fit them. Well, don’t worry because we are about to tell you.
How do we do it?
At 1000 Miles, we focus in making the best of your space. Our team firmly believes that you always have space to fit more products, and works hard to find the best option for your business, and your customers. If you are looking to place products close to the cashier, we can offer counter displays. If the floor seems to be in better view, we have floor displays with measures adapted to your needs. We also make gift boxes to place on top of shelves or in baskets, and hang tags for the walls – which can be placed anywhere inside the store.
The Perfect Solution
Impulse Products are the perfect solution to increasing sales by using the space in your store smartly. At 1000 Miles, we will take into consideration the spaces you own and advice you on what displays better fit you.

In addition, if you have target prices in mind, we can offer low-cost products for your business.
Are you looking to source for a specific product that you want?
What seems to be the problem?
You have a very precise idea of what you want. But because the product you want to develop falls into a new category, your existing suppliers cannot seem to help you.

Now, you’d like to consult us about sourcing the product for you. Well, we’d love to.
How do we do it?
1000 Miles manufactures all sorts of products and assortments. Still, due to continuous changing trends, there might be an item we haven’t developed yet.

For that reason, we do sourcing in two different ways:

1. We source for a product with our talented international Sourcing Team.
2. If the sourcing is for a fashion collection, we add our fashion designer, who specializes in Western fashion and pays special attention to fabrics and colors.

From past experience, we understand that communication with Chinese factories can be complicated for many international companies – which is why we offer to do it for you. We can source the product you are after and customize it, consulting your requirements to meet the right prices and the right quality.

In addition, our team can complete the product: if there is a type of display that better fits your store, or a packaging design that seems more attractive.
The Perfect Solution
If what you want is to develop a product without the complications that dealing with Chinese factories can bring – and instead, want your idea to be understood from the