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Checklist for sourcing factories in China
Checklist for sourcing factories in China
04 September 2020
Checking Your Supplier when Sourcing Factories in China
by Yariv

When you find suppliers through sourcing websites (such as Alibaba, Made-in-china, Global Sources, etc.), it can be challenging to check their company background.

You have to spend time, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Invest time to know the supplier from the very start, instead of wasting time later on in negotiating with the wrong supplier.

So here are the quick hacks on how check the supplier details:

1. Search for verified suppliers.

Verified supplier

In sourcing websites like Alibaba, you have an option to search and filter for verified suppliers.

These suppliers are checked by Alibaba to confirm that they are a real factory. Checking this option when you search will already help you to keep your list of suppliers smaller and better.

2. Check the company details.

You can check some important details like company business license, location, company pictures and facilities that will help you understand how the factory looks like.

3. Check their company address.

Factories are normally located in industrial area. But if the company address is in an office space, then it is definitely not a factory.

4. Check if they have actual or verified company pictures.

Verified supplier website

Some companies put fake pictures online. If it looks too perfect and not consistent, then it is most likely not real.

5. Check the total number of workers and company size.

This is important for you to know if they are capable to process your order in their own facility.

6. Check the types of product that they do.

If they do specific product, then they are a factory. If they do multiple types of product, then they can be a trading company.

Although trading company may also be good for you, as explained in previous post on Ways to Find Suppliers when Sourcing Factories in China