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Mother's Day Collection
What seems to be the problem?
If you tried developing a collection for Mother’s Day before, you probably realized it’s not easy: it’s a market with a lot of competition, and a lot of diversity. Fashion is not the same in the east as it is in the west. What’s more, people produce with women in mind so much that it becomes hard to come up with good ideas constantly.

So, we have a solution for you.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures products for Mother’s Day from the early design stage, all the way to completion. We consider several important points that help us stand out: from following the current fashion trends – including what is being used at the moment and which colors are in style.

To placing special attention on the sentimental side to come up with ideas that create memorable items, such as our Photo Frame Keychain, which encourages mothers to place photos of their children and carry them everywhere they go.

Our collection focuses largely on jewelry with keychains, necklaces and tokens, as well as various accessories, such as bookmarks with display, or air fresheners with display.

Every item can be customized, following your requirements and wishes.
The Perfect Solution
If what you are searching for are products that base on and target Western fashion, in a creative, entertaining and heartfelt way, then the Mother’s Day Collection might be the perfect solution for you.