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Reusable Collection
What seems to be the problem?
With plastic use causing devastating consequences to our environment, consumers are every day becoming more and more aware of their role to change the situation. As a result, they are choosing to buy reusable items – which is great, except that producing these items can be increasingly expensive if not sourcing with the right suppliers.

Which is why we are here to contribute.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures reusable items from beginning to end. We chose, just like your consumers, to go in this direction because of three reasons: consumers are worrying about protecting nature from pollution and so are we; our research shows the trend is setting to stay for a long time; and, we are finding
that a lot of our items in this line are not only successful, but fun to create, and with multiple functionalities. The collection is continually growing and includes floor displays, as well as counter displays, like the Reusable Food Wrap display, which occupies small space in shops and is incredibly attractive for its function (who doesn’t take a snack for the road?).
The Perfect Solution
If you are searching for products that instantly appeal to your consumers because they are taking home an item they will definitely use and at the same time, helps make the world a healthier place, then the Reusable Collection is the perfect solution for you.