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Travelling Collection
What seems to be the problem?
Travelling is right at the top of every single consumer’s wish list. Whenever they are not travelling, they are thinking about it and planning their next trip. This is amazing, but also provokes you headaches when you have to go and search for a factory capable of developing every item you need at your store.

Which is why we are here to assist you.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures travel items and assortments – designing, assembling, and shipping for you.
Our collection includes over 1,300 products, with many options for women, like our manicure kit with a fun suitcase display, for men, in our electronic organizer pouch, and even children, offering games to pass the time while waiting for the next family activity.

We create with travelers’ in mind, concentrating in what they want the most: to stay organized, to store their belongings smartly, and to enjoy themselves from the moment they pack to the moment they return home.
The Perfect Solution
If you are searching for an extensive line of items with choices for any place and any time, then the Travel Collection is the perfect solution for you.