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Men's Collection
What seems to be the problem?
If you tried producing a Men’s Collection before, you’ve probably met a lot of challenges: from making products that are classic, yet containing a fun twist – to finding the right functions that are compact enough, and sourcing the components from factories at convenient prices and quality.

All of it can become a problem. But don’t worry. We are here to offer a solution. So, we have a solution for you.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures men’s collections from scratch. We conduct a thorough research of trends to deliver items that always manage to bring smiles to consumers, such as our Hangover Recovery Kit, which helps men sleep off their tiredness from a previous wild night.
Additionally, products are built with multiple functions: like our wallet equipped with a bottle opener, our charging wallet, or our RFID wallet.

We have four main categories – grooming, functional, fun, and accessories – that contain over 1080 products, ready for you to customize at your convenience to meet your brand’s needs.
The Perfect Solution
Did you know that women buy many items in this classification too? If you are searching for products that can surely work for holidays, but can also work any other day of the week because of their usefulness and fun details, then the Men’s Collection is the perfect solution for you.