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What seems to be the problem?
If you tried producing a game, you realized that it had a lot of steps. From choosing the right components, to finding different factories that will assemble those components, doing a template or die cut, and worrying about the packaging design.

It’s a lot, and it can become a problem. Which is why we offer solving it for you easily.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures games fully. That means that we take your design, or offer you one of our 600 existing games to customize in the way that you want. Our games have many categories: from travelling games, to drinking games, casino games, and classic games.
In terms of materials, we work with plastic, acrylic, resin, wood, glass, magnets, paper and miniatures for the production of components.

For the packaging, we work in paper, cardboard, tin box, PU leather, leather, and wood.
The Perfect Solution
Games are the perfect solution if what you are searching for are items that will constantly sell, and constantly find audiences. They are a safe bet, a great investment, and more importantly – a fun solution.