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Christmas Collection
What seems to be the problem?
Whenever holiday season comes around, you tend to start running – more than usual. Your customers come for Christmas’ related ornaments and gifts and you begin searching for different options in separate places because you want to find the best assortment of products along with the best price.

No place seems to offer exactly what you need, and you end with a problem where you didn’t need one. If that is the case, we are here to help.
How do we do it?
At our factory, 1000 Miles manufactures Christmas assortments and accessories from beginning to end – all in one place.
We produce a wide range of items you can customize in the way that you like – 300 products in total – by adding your brand or label anywhere that you prefer. What’s more, you can place the items at your convenience too: we have some interesting choices in counter displays as well as our Christmas Floor Display – containing 208 products in assortment, and especially designed to maximize the space in your shop and increase your sales.
The Perfect Solution
Christmas collections are the perfect solution for your store if what you are searching for are various options to choose from, great concepts for children and adults alike, and convenient prices that turn buying all in one place a real treat.