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What makes 1000 Miles Unique
What makes 1000 Miles Unique
01 January 2022
The Things We Do That Make Us Unique
by Edith

We create products that make consumers feel good. 

Consumers are always on top of our minds every time we create product concepts. Does this product make consumers feel good? Does it give value for the price that they pay? Does this give them confidence? 

We think about the consumer’s overall experience whenever we create new product concepts. 

This in return will help buyers sell more and increase their sales. 

Aside from that, we do the extra mile to help solve current problems of buyers: 

Launch New Products Quickly 

Buyers want to offer unique & trendy items to their consumers fast. But development takes time and money. That is why we offer OEM solutions where buyers can create their own products by selecting from our 5000+ existing product concepts and customize it with their own branding and design preference. 

We can customize the packaging, display and even the product itself to better suit the buyer’s requirements. 

Therefore, in just 1-2 weeks, buyers can start to launch their own unique products to offer to consumers. 

Find New Products Fast  

Trending products come and go in the market. If a new trend comes, buyers need to quickly find suppliers for these products to catch sales. But most of the time, they find it difficult to find one. 

Our team not only create products but we also do have a dedicated team specializing in product sourcing. 

We can find various products from our pool of factory partners helping us find the right product that can also comply with any testing requirements. 

Product Development 

Buyers can have a great product idea but the problem is that they might not how to do it and also how can they do it fast. 

Having an in-house product and packaging designers, we help buyers transform their product ideas into actual product samples in just 7-14 days. 

Our team can also work on different product materials and offer different options that can help achieve buyers’ requirements and target prices. 

Create Attractive Packaging that Sells 

Even though a product can be really good, it will not stand out on retail stores unless the packaging is attractive and also have a good retail display solution. 

At 1000 Miles, we create packaging designs that will stand out to consumers while they shop. 

Aside from that, we use different packaging materials that will suit the product’s value, while optimizing the sizes to save cost on transportation & store space. 

Increase Sales through Retail Display 

Buyers want to generate more sales and what better way to do this is to create display solutions that maximizes store space, organize products visually in stores making it more attractive for consumers to buy. 

We create and design display solutions such as floor displays, counter displays, and wall displays that will make the products more appealing to the buyers. 

We provide everything: products, packaging, display and even pre-pack and assemble them where all the buyer needs to do is open the package and place the retail display solutions on their shops.