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POP Displays
12 September 2022
Increase Sales with POP (Point of Purchase) Displays
by Edith

First of all, what is a POP Display? 

POP or “Point of Purchase” Display is a marketing material in a form of displays, strategically located inside physical retail stores to help increase sales. 

The main goal of POP Displays is to grab customer attention through attractive display designs, and placing them on specific areas inside the store that will encourage consumer purchases. 


Benefits of retail POP displays that help increase sales: 

  1. Instantly grab consumers’ attention 

Displays can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to catch customers’ attention. They are usually big and visually striking that consumers on the shop can definitely see it right away. 

These displays will stand out giving the products inside it more chances of being bought. 

  1. Encourage impulse buying 

POP displays are ideal into targeting consumers to buy impulsively. These displays are designed well and also placed on strategic locations such as in the middle of the store, near display counters, or on display counters. 

The main purpose is to grab consumer attention, subconsciously convincing them to buy a product they didn’t know they needed. 

  1. Maximize brand awareness 

Brand awareness in general describes how familiar and how well consumers recognize a specific brand or its products.  

Showcasing POP displays even during short promotional period will help brands (especially new ones) be more visible to consumers. 

This means that consumers will likely remember the brand again and will consider purchasing from this brand the next time they see it on the shelves.  

  1. Boost seasonal sales 

During holiday seasons, consumers are always looking for inspirations and items to buy. Having POP displays during these festive seasons will make it easy for consumers to find relevant products for them.  

It will also encourage consumers to buy more especially when combined with promotional discounts and sales. 

  1. Create an experience 

Lastly, well designed POP displays can give consumers a unique experience in retail stores. Anything that attracts and excites consumers can generate a positive impact to any brand, making the brand stand out among its competitors.