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Importance of Product Packaging
Importance of Product Packaging
16 September 2022
The Importance of Product Packaging
by Edith

The first thing that a customer sees when buying a product is its packaging. 

Most of the time packaging is regarded as something unnecessary and often being overlooked by some retailers. 

But in reality, packaging is just as important as the product itself. 

Here’s why: 

  1. Protection 

The basic function of packaging is protecting the product inside. Packaging keeps the product safe during shipment and prevents damages when it is being displayed on the retail shelves. Therefore, a well-thought, sturdy, and reliable packaging design is needed to keep the product safe and preserve its value. 

  1. Attraction 

Packaging is the first thing that consumers see before even knowing what the product is all about. That is why it is important that the form, design, and overall feel of a product packaging will be attractive enough to catch consumers attention. 

This can be done by using colors and creating functional designs, that is highly relevant for the target consumers. 

For example, creating colorful and vibrant packaging designs with fun shapes targeted to kids. Or elegant-looking gift boxes for someone looking for gift items. 

  1. Gives Information 

Another important role of packaging is to give relevant information that will help consumers understand the product better. 

Packaging can communicate to the consumers by containing information such as instructions on how to use, age grades, hazards, or any specific items needed to pay attention to. 

This information will help consumers to get to know the product and decide if they want to purchase or not without speaking to any store assistant. 

  1. Build Brand Identity 

Packaging promotes company’s brand identity among existing and potential consumers. Effective branding can make any business more recognizable and easier to spot. Using branded elements such as colors, fonts, and logo, it makes it easier for companies to tell their brand story and get customer trust and loyalty. 

  1. Stand out from the crowd 

In a shelf full of similar products, packaging will help a brand stand out and get noticed from the rest of the competitors. Taking advantage on creating attractive designs will give a chance to win customers and get them to know the brand. 


As a whole, why does creating effective packaging design matter? 

Packaging plays an important role in the selling process. It is not just a simple bag or cardboard box to put products on it.  

But rather, it is a marketing channel that every retailer should take advantage of. 

That is why choosing and combining the elements of colors, materials, graphics, form and overall design will help reflect the identity and value of the products, attracting more customers and drive sales in return.